SHG/JLG Cluster Development

SHG Development

Under the SGSY project, we have formed and trained 25 Women Self Help Groups, with a total membership of 300 women, in the district of Datia. Our activities for formation and training the members of Self Help Groups included:
  • Providing need-based and skill-based vocational trainings;
  • Maintenance of proper records of savings of each member;
  • Developing financial linkages with respective financial institutions;
  • Proper market linkages for their respective products;
  • Packaging and pricing pattern of their products to meet the competitive market challenges;
  • Promoting savings amongst the members of Self-Help Groups.


Out of total 300 beneficiaries belonging to 25 Self Help Groups, almost every SHG is functioning well and in an effective manner. During the follow-up steps by our team members, it was reported that most of the target SHGs are maintaining proper records and have developed financial and market linkages and their SHGs are working smoothly.