In 2009-2010 we have spread out our activities in 3 other States of India i.e. Chhatisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, in terms of :
  • Chhatisgarh: Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) in the district of Durg and various awareness programmes and camps in districts of Chhatisgarh;
  • Uttar Pradesh: Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) and awareness programmes in NOIDA (Uttar Pradesh); and
  • Rajasthan: Vocational training to girls and awareness programmes on environment and HIV/AIDS in districts of Rajasthan.

Major activities:

  1. Livelihood activities – Value added skilled vocational trainings;
  2. Integrated Livelihood Programme (ILP) in Tikamgarh;
  3. MPUSP Project on “Community Development – Health & Hygiene”;
  4. SGSY project in District Datia;
  5. Awareness camps to promote environment;
  6. Awareness camps for protection and prevention of HIV/AIDS;
  7. Promoting Health, Hygiene and Sanitation;
  8. Watershed Development Programme;
  9. Training on making of Sanitary Napkins;
  10. Micro Finance Scheme for poor families;